Get the most out of your network.

Contact management designed for teams and individuals

For teams & individuals — Web, Mobile, Mac, Windows


Import all your contacts and sort them into groups to map out your entire network


Invite friends and teammates to work with you on real-time on groups of contacts


Turn groups into actionable views and unlock your network's potential

Much more than an Address Book.

Turn list of people and companies into actionnable views

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Use the table view for multiple purposes

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Your network in one place.

Unify all your contact information and build custom workflows

Automatically upload contacts from your sources

iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Excel and CSVs

Synchronize contacts from your phone in one-click

Stay up-to-date between your phone and your desktop

Keep track of all your interactions

Create reminders, tasks, notes and calendar events for your contacts

Focus on what matters.

Leverage intelligence to organize your network


Automatically sync all your contacts across all devices


Keep your network tidy by automatically detecting duplicates


Save time by adding contacts to groups with auto-suggestion

Designed for you,
built for your team.

Organize, manage, and activate your contacts, together

User Permission

Manage access to groups of contacts using permission and role based access control

Admin Tools

All contacts' information is managed by the organisation itself. Don't lose information when teammates leave

Team Management

Enable collaboration with teammates in real-time and identify network synergies within your organization

Audit Logs

Get a detailed trail of accounts activity to never lose your data

You own your dataWe won't use it or sell it

Security is our #1 priorityData is encrypted and accessible only via our servers

We are fully GDPR-CompliantWe're taking privacy very seriously

Get the most out of your network.

Superpowers for contact management

For teams & individuals — Web, Mobile, Mac, Windows